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Business Phone Features

Our cloud phone system is designed to provide you powerful and flexible phone service. You have the option to choose from a selection of available phone numbers. You can easily install our app on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet and improve your business communications with call forwarding, call queue, and more.


Create extensions for different departments and employees across different devices and addresses.


Provide your callers with the option to leave a message then listen to all the voicemails easily through a laptop or phone.

Call forwarding

Forward some or all your incoming calls, at different times of the day, to different external numbers or extensions.

Call inbound routes

Inbound rules are designed to overwrite the default settings for inbound call routing based on pre-defined conditions.

Call queue

Seamlessly organize your employees so that your callers are routed to the next available company agent in the queue.

Voicemail transcription

Voicemails are transcribed and are sent to you via email so you can read your voicemail instead of listening to it.

Ring groups

This feature allows you to have multiple phones ring when one extension is dialed.

Call waiting

Turn on call waiting to allow callers to reach you even when you are already on a call.

Ready to get started 

We offer cloud-based business phone plans and 30+ included business features, they’re perfect for growing small businesses.